Our Alibi

Ben’s Alibi Restaurant and Catering for Moroccan and Middle Eastern dining

Developed by Gabrielle Amies & Ben Hafid Jaouhari, Ben’s Alibi opened adjacent to the Magistrates Court, located at 363 George Street, Brisbane, on 6 June 2011.

After both living between Europe, London, Dubai & Casablanca, Gabrielle and Ben teamed to bring something very special, exotic & new to the thriving Brisbane cafe scene.

“All dishes at Ben’s Alibi are lovingly and individually prepared to our own special recipes. Our decor is simple yet exotic. Beautiful mural walls depict scenes from the bustling souks of Morocco and over 35 lanterns adorn the ceilings. Our spices & oils are imported from Morocco & the Middle East & give each dish a unique flavour & the delicious taste that Ben’s Alibi has fast become famous for.

We look forward to welcoming you at Ben’s Alibi and hope that our alibi will soon become your alibi.”

Gabrielle & Ben xx